Rental Shop TOWELS
How clean are
they when you
receive them?
Metal shavings, oils and hazardous
chemicals can be present
on ‘clean’ laundered rental shop
towels presenting both possible
hazards to health and the possibility
of machinary getting snagged
Clean out of the box every time,
can be used multiple times before
discarding, easy to dispose of
Are there
any hidden
As many as 6 additional charges:
damage fee, energy charge,
delivery charge, replacement fee,
environmental/fuel surcharge fee
No hidden cost with disposable
shop towels
How absorbent
are they?
The absorbency, strength, and size
of the laundered shop towel can
diminish the more it is laundered.
Shop towels can absorb up to 400%
more than one standard 13¨x13¨
laundered shop towel.
What the
The standard 13”x13” size of
the shop towel can diminish to
12¨x12¨ the more it is laundered.
Shop towels are available in a wide
variety of sizes and dispensing
options depending upon your needs.