Why Lead, Cadmium, Iron, Antimony,
Oil, Grease, Zinc, Toluene, Xylene
don’t have any Heavy Metal Fans...
As mentioned on the homepage, Gradient Corporation studies have found contaminants on sup-
posedly clean laundered rental shop towels that include heavy metals known to cause cancer or kill
aquatic life. Contaminants like lead, cadmium, iron, antimony, oil, grease, zinc, toluene and xylene
have a well-earned reputation for contributing to a wide range of health issues.

You just don’t have much if any way of knowing whether a previous user of your laundered rag im-
properly returned it contiminated with hazardous waste. Below are some general signs and symp-
toms of exposure to a few of the heavy metals that have been found in laundered rental shop towels.
(Please note this is a general list of signs and symptoms of exposure to these heavy metals and no
specific signs or symptoms listed are being implied to be linked to rental rags).
Acute Exposure: Nausea, vomiting, encephalopathy (headache, seizures, ataxia, obtundation)
Chronic Exposure: Encephalopathy, anemia, abdominal pain, nephropathy, foot-drop/ wrist-drop1
Acute Exposure: Pneumonitis (oxide fumes)
Chronic Exposure: Proteinuria, lung cancer, osteomalacia1
Acute Exposure: Vomiting, GI hemorrhage, cardiac depression, metabolic acidosis
Chronic Exposure: Hepatic cirrhosis1
Acute Exposure: headache, fatigue, irritability, lassitude, nausea, anorexia, flatulence, irritation of the eyes,
nose, and throat, and motor incoordination and impairment of equilibrium. Flushing, redness of the face,
a sensation of increased body heat, increased salivation, tremors, dizziness, confusion, and cardiac
irritability have also been reported. Chronic Exposure: conjunctivitis; dryness of the nose, throat, and skin;
dermatitis; and kidney and liver damage.2
Acute Exposure: MFF (oxide fumes); vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain (ingestion)
Chronic Exposure: Copper deficiency: anemia, neurologic degeneration, osteoporosis1
The above listed heavy metals and signs and symptoms of acute and chronic exposure are meant for general information only.
These are GENERAL reported signs and symptoms of acute and chronic exposure to a few of the heavy metals that can be present in rental rags.
As such NO specific sign or symptom listed here is being presented as linked specifically to rental rags.