Guess what’s
on your ‘clean’
rental rag?
Gradient Corporation studies have found
contaminants on supposedly clean
laundered rental shop towels that include:
Lead - Cadmium
Iron - Antimony
Oil - Grease - Zinc
Toluene - Xylene
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Disposable Shop Towels
vs. Laundered Rental Shop Towels
Laundered Rental Shop Towels
Residual oils and chemicals can also be present that can cause skin
rashes. Residual metal shavings can be present that can injure faces
and hands. A big part of the problem is that rental rags used with
hazardous chemicals and waiting to be laundered are supposed to be
separated into their own bags away from other used rental rags. This
does not always happen and the result is that all of the rags are washed
together and exposed to rags used for hazardous chemicals.

Sellars® Disposable Shop Towels

Sellars® disposable shop towels are not only clean out of the box,
up to 400 times more absorbent than most rental rags.
They’re also strong and can last thru several rounds of use.