How Sellars DRC Wipers outperform dry Airlaid Wipers

When Airlaid Wipers are appropriate

Airlaid wipers are an absorbent, soft and durable solution for applications requiring towels with better wet strength than regular paper towels. They’re most often used as a substrate for wet wipes.

Why choose DRC Wipers instead of Airlaid Wipers as dry towels.

DRC Wipers are a very popular and generally more cost efficient alternative to airlaid wipers as a dry disposable towel. Sellars DRC Wipers are highly absorbent, soft and extremely durable. They’ve also got higher wet strength than paper towels. Like airlaid, DRC wipers are cellulose based disposable wipers that have a binder infused in them.

DRC Wipers offer choice

DRC wipers are available in a variety of strengths and styles. They work with many types of dispensers, put-ups, to make it easy to grab and use the product without wasting any time.

DRC wipers work like cloth and are useful in a variety of industries as well as home, shop and office settings. Whether you are working inside or outside or in a factory or an office, there is a wiper for every occasion.

Airlaid & DRC Wiper Comparison

Wiper layers Outer layer Fluff pulp Outer layer Integrated pulp Integrated binder

Airlaid Wipers

Airlaid wipers are considered 1-ply but are actually
created with a fluff pulp absorbent core and outer
layers on the top/bottom of the absorbent core
consisting of a mixture of adhesive binder and pulp
to help create durability and strength. This results
in a coarser hand feel and poor wipe-dry
compared to DRC.

DRC Wipers

DRC Wipers are not layered. They have their binder
integrated into a grid built into the pulp itself which
provides more surface area for the pulp thus creating
a softer and better wipe-dry vs. airlaid wipers.

Compare Airlaid and DRC Wipers on Video!

Airlaid Wipers Preview